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At Justina Law’s suggestion, tonight’s sushi will consist of bacon, pear, avocado and a spicy aioli. Onwards!

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#geekhangover - noun: that feeling in the morning when you’ve stayed up WAY too late doing nerdy things.

At least I have the lights in my house partly automated now?

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Yard work was done. I can’t remember when things looked this tidy. #bestgirlfriendever / on Instagram


It’s easy to overlook the familiar, and takes a disciplined mind to escape familiarity and see things as if for the first time. This morning’s Moment of Zen offered us a new perspective. Our Chicago-based Harvest Expert, Doug, shared this timelapse video that revealed a quietly beautiful Chicago he hadn’t noticed before. City or software, it’s important to step back and see things through stranger’s eyes.

Every other Friday morning, our entire team gets together for a chat we call Show & Tell. Over the course of an hour, we catch up on project developments and demo our latest works in progress. We end with a Moment of Zen, a three-minute (or less) video selected by a team member.

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I’m at SilverCity Victoria Cinemas!